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Cars have evolved over the years. Many of the early motorized vehicles used steam to garner enough power to move. But these early prototypes were simply not efficient for practical use. This was back in the early 1800's. A lot has changed since then, but inborn power of ingenuity and the hunger for improvement is still well embedded in the vehicle industry. This is one of the reasons why CICIU exists.


Many car companies are focused on sales, which is great, but the truth is that what drives consumerism is the introduction of something worthwhile. What CICIU brings to the table is a team of young programmers who are hungry to make an impact on the automotive industry. Most of these programmers are fresh out of automotive science and technology schools. They understand how competitive it is, which is one of the reasons why CICIU hired them.

The other reason deals with their innovative ideas, which could improve vehicular performance in one way or another. One aspect that the team is concerned about is the need to improve rear-radar technology to be able to detect much more than what it does now. The radar is being tuned properly so that it can detect more than just a wall like it does now.

Another area that this particular company is interested in is helping proper technologies that help evaluate a driver's physical condition. Sure, this technology exists, but what we are trying to accomplish is refinement. We want to make the technology precise enough to pick on hard to detect behavioral issues. The technology will be able to tell if a driver is drowsy or driving impaired. This type of information should help the driver drive safer. And it should also improve road safety conditions.

But advancements in the way a person drives is not the only focus of the team behind CICIU. The team is also focused on vehicle performance, too. For one, the team develops better ways to force induction of air. This is to improve power without changing the size of the engine. This could eliminate the need to buy cars with big engines that simply use a lot more gasoline to function.

What we are here, at CICIU, is a team of progressives helping cars step into the future.

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